The advantages and disadvantages about knee pads

The advantages and disadvantages about knee pads

Knee pads are widely used. The knee is not only an extremely important part of exercise, but also a vulnerable area, which is extremely painful and slow recovery during injury, and even a faint pain in rainy and cloudy days. Many people know the benefits of wearing knee pads, but they don't know that knee pads have disadvantages.

The advantages of knee pads:

Knee pads can support the stability of the joint and limit the movement of the joint, so as to prevent injury.

The knee joint will not be affected by external forces in general activities, so it will only be carried out in a small area, but activities such as mountaineering will put greater pressure on the knee and cause the patella of the knee to be undermoved and separated from the original position. Thus leading to the emergence of disease, however, with breathing can let the patella activity within a certain range, so as to avoid injury.


 Comfortable, the elderly knee degradation, the pressure is several times their own weight, wearing knee pads can reduce the pressure on the knee.

 Health care, the elderly with knee protection on knee joint rheumatism, arthritis, joint inflexibility and sprain and other joint diseases have obvious curative effect, can play an auxiliary role.

 Wearing Knee pads can play a good role in heat preservation and prevent knee joints from catching cold. Knee is very easy to catch cold, if cold is easy to lead to some knee joint symptoms, so, in a cooler environment to wear knee pads, you can play a very good heat preservation effect.


The disadvantages of knee pads:

 If osteoarthritis patients use knee pads too tight and too thick, it is not conducive to the blood circulation around the knee joint, making the activity of the knee more difficult.

 Ordinary knee pads usually have the effect of keeping warm. After wearing them, the patella in front of the knee will form a certain compression and affect the effect of exercise.

 Wearing for a long time is likely to cause a decline in our muscle strength, so that there are no strong muscles to protect our knees.

If you wear it for a long time, it will affect the effect of muscle exercise, and it will cause poor local blood circulation, insufficient blood supply, and so on. Therefore, wear Knee pads when you feel knee discomfort. Take off the knee pads when things are good.



Everything has two sides. Don't wear it when you don't need it. When Knee pads are not applicable, you should also be paid to correct maintenance.

Please place it in a dry and ventilated place and pay attention to moistureproof. It is not suitable to be exposed to the sun. When in use, please pay attention to cleaning, do not soak in water for a long time, velvet surface can be soaked in water gently knead, functional surface can be gently wiped with clean water.


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