12PCS Wormwood Plaster Paste Heat Patch Warm Knee Stickers

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Color: As the picture shows

Sheet Size: approx. 14.4 x 9.6cm

Quantity: 12 Sheets  (6 Pairs)

Main effect:

Knee injuries caused by sports falls, obesity, knee problems in middle and old age, cold fear of cold in the knee, 

meniscus injury, arthritis, hyperosteogeny, ligament damage and other knee injuries. Remove cold heat, 

blood circulation to remove stasis, anti - inflammatory pain


Skin redness, hyperemia, ulceration, damage is forbidden

Allergic constitution should not be used;

Pregnant women use with caution;

A few people have local itching or rash during use, which does not affect the use, 

and gradually disappears after being stopped;

It is normal to have a burning sensation in the skin during use.


Package included:

12 PCS Knee Stickers (in 1 box)