2M 20LED USB LED String Lights Copper Wire Garland Waterproof Lights

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  • With the performance of IP43 waterproof, the copper string lights can be immersed into the water, widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration, creating wonderful and romantic atmospheres.  

  • High-quality copper wire, sturdy, waterproof and insulated. It will not overheat and keep the light at a low temperature, so it can be safely touched after several hours of use. It is very suitable for families with children and pets.

  • The fairy tale lamp can be easily bent into any shape and wrapped in almost all objects. Convenient USB plug-in installation, you can use fairy-tale lights wherever you like.

  • This fairy tale lamp can be used to decorate a variety of places. Such as gardens, courtyards, porches, weddings, banquets, fences, restaurants, etc.


Product size: 6.6ft 2m20 light 

Wire color: copper wire

Color: Multicolor,White,Yellow

USB plug: black plug cord length 50cm

Lamp beads interval: 10cm

Light source type: 0603

Power supply: USB 5V

Number of lights: 20

Default packaging: white pearl bag

Package Included:

1*String Lights