360 Degree Automatic Garden Sprinklers Grass Lawn Rotary Nozzle SP

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  • Multiple nozzles

    Built-in 3 adjustable rotating arm nozzles, each arm is equipped with 4 types of nozzles, a total of 12 nozzles with different angles. A garden sprinkler is a more powerful irrigation device that can provide better watering effects for your yard.

  • Wide coverage

    a longer spraying distance can provide you with a larger spraying range and better lawn care.

  • 360-degree rotating high-efficiency sprinkler irrigation system

    Only through the household water supply pressure of the garden automatic garden lawn sprinkler, it can automatically rotate the sprinkler power equipment at a constant speed of 360 degrees without other auxiliary equipment. Use the lawn better and save water. The courtyard sprinkler is carefully made of sturdy ABS engineering plastic to maintain excellent durability and stability. It is an ideal sprinkler for the yard.

  • Water saving

    High-efficiency and energy-saving sprinkler irrigation system. Patented water-saving device design can save water to the greatest extent by adjusting the density, size and scope of water.

  • Wide range of applications

    It is an ideal choice for irrigating lawns, gardens, trees, farmland and tall plants. It is also a sprinkler for children's entertainment activities. Imagine having fun with your children while irrigating the lawn in the summer. The parent-child time is really great!

  • Easy to use and quick to install

    The lawn sprinkler is equipped with a quick connect adapter that can start watering immediately in a few seconds. Even give your children a happy and hot summer.


Material: ABS, PP

Type: Nozzle/spray gun

Color: green

Weight: 0.4 lb

Size: 204 * 180 * 95mm (8.0*7.1*3.7 inch)

Features: 350 degree automatic rotation

Purpose: watering flowers, watering, sprinkler irrigation

Application scenarios: public green space, home gardening, agricultural production, garden horticulture production