3ml Gingival Gum Protector Syringe Before Teeth Whitening Gel SP

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Bullet Point:

1. Creates a reliable seal that protects soft tissues

2. Direct application with our precise angled syringe tip

3. Very easy and safe to remove from gums

4. Will remain firmly in place throughout treatment

5. Cures with any dental curing light or teeth whitening blue light


Effect high-quality good effect

Convenience use and easy cure

Suitable for every led curing light and teeth whitening light

Have bulk stock, fast delivery

With Syringe Tips, push gel more accurately and save gel


  1. 1.5ml enough for one person
  2. Protect gums during the teeth whitening treatment.
  3. High efficiency and safer.
  4. Easy to use and store.
  5. Color:blue
  6. MSDS approved


  1. Open the cap of the syringe, hold it and squeeze, paste the gel on the surface of the gum, it's about 2. 4mm thickness and 3-6mm width. squeeze it well.
  2. Use LED machine lighting for about 40 seconds.
  3. Start the whitening process.
  4. Rinse out after the whitening process

Suit for:

Protect gums during the teeth whitening treatment


2-year guarantee in 0-10 centigrade

Packing Included:  10 x 3ml gum protector gel