5.0 Bluetooth Earphones Fingerprint Touch Headset HiFI Stereo Earbuds SP

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- The large-capacity charging case can charge the earphones and can also be used as a mobile power source for mobile phones.

- It's a headset and an alarm clock. The charging case has a digital clock that can display the time 

- The earphones are taken out of the charging case automatically turned on and automatically matched, and quickly connected to the phone.

- The magnetic induction charging box can easily open the door without pressing hard, which greatly increases the user experience and solves the embarrassment of the traditional snap-on charging box opening.

- Hifi high-fidelity sound effects, surging heavy bass, undistorted details, and an immersive and excellent listening experience.

Package Included:


1*Charging Case

1*Charging Cable

4*Replacement Headphone Head