7 Pack Quality Stainless Steel Dental Tools with Case

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  • 7 Pack Quality Dental Tools with Case - A perfect dental hygiene kit is the best remedy to clean and care your teeth. 

  • This 7-pack dental tools set includes all-types dental scraper kit, stomatoscope, dental stain-eliminator, tweezers, probe, sickle scaler, hoe-shaped scaler.

  • Powerful decontamination - It can clean any place and remove tartar easily. Using every day will give you the cleanest dental and freshest breath time and time again! Show your healthy smile to the world!

  • These stainless steel teeth cleaning tools are long-lasing and durable. It is made of smooth stainless steel metal with ultimate strength. 

  • Widely Application - The oral hygiene kit is suit for dentist, adults, kids and dogs.


  • Food grade material: high-quality stainless steel, nickel ≥ 8%, chromium ≥ 18%.

  • Anti-slip grip: Dragon scale pattern handle design, strong grip.


  • Please dry it after each using. Also very easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Before using the dental mirror, scald it with boiling water, the anti-fogging effect will be better.

Package Included:

  • 7cs Dental Tools Set