Anti-static ESD Stainless Steel Tweezers Set Maintenance Tools

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--The tweezers are made of acid-resistant stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, anti-magnetic, anti-static, high strength coefficient, and good elasticity.

--It is safe to clamp the electronic components

--High hardness and elasticity, clamping small parts, not easy to deform.

--Easy clamping of small objects, good texture, clamping accuracy of 100 microns.

--The tweezers have a plastic cover, which is not easy to hurt your hands and is easy to store.


Integrated circuit repair, precision parts repair, mobile phone accessories repair, computer parts repair, eyelash curler.


Material: Stainless steel

Colour: Black

type: ESD10, ESD11, ESD12, ESD13, ESD14, ESD15

Package Included:

6 *  Tweezers