Kits of Toe Separators

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  • The Package includes 6 pieces: a pair of toe spacers,a pair of triple hole toe separators and a pair of medical grade toe separator gel
  • A soft padded shield provides a barrier between your big toe and shoe, relieving the pain of walking
  • Wear Toessentials Pain Relief Toe Stretchers, stop suffering from Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis, Hallux Valgus, Hammertoe, Arch problems, ball of foot and Achilles tendon Waterproof design allows you to relax and stretch your toes in the bath or foot spa, Improve circulation and appearance, relief pain from your sore and strained feet" Washable and re-usable cushions
  • Toessentials Pain Relief Toe Stretchers are made of Soft and Non-toxic Gel Material, very comfortable to wear after practicing ballet, yoga, and other sports and dancing activities
  • Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water. Rinse and air dry completely. Keep away from heat and sunlight before reuse.

To bring More Comfort To Your Feet: These white bunion pads and comfort gel toe separators relieve pain and make your favorite shoes even more comfortable.The ultra soft gel bunion guard cushions and protects sore bunions from pressure and friction. With 2 sets per pack, you get relief when bunions are inflamed and painful.