Men & Women Posture Corrector-BBJ007

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  • ✔APTOCO EXCELLENT DESIGN FOR POSTURE IMPROVEMENT — Made by a professional posture corrector designer, this product is ergonomically effective in reducing back pain, lumbar pain and neck pain, promoting body muscle memory and correcting posture easily.
  • ✔APTOCO MAGNET THERAPY — Combining with the new magnetotherapy and posture corrector design, the magnet, distributed in the spine, promote blood circulation and relieve back pain.
  • ✔CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIT.  Make it tighter or loosen it up according to your needs! The straps keep the brace firmly, but comfortably, in place - no slipping, twisting, or riding up. Just slip it on, secure it to fit, and get on with your day.
  • ✔UPPER BODY SUPPORT THAT STILL LETS YOU MOVE. This back posture corrector is lightweight without sacrificing support, so you can sit, drive, walk, lift, turn and bend in proper alignment (and look human while you do it).

    You might need Aptoco's Back Corrector if you :

    √ Work for a long time in your office and have a neck or shoulder pain

    √ Can't do daily chores due to the pain

    √ Have a hunchback and want to correct it

    √ Want to improve your posture and build your confidence