Plantar Fasciitis Kit Total 5 Pieces Cushioned Sock+ Silicone Gel Sleeve+Plantar Ball

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  • One Size fit All
  • Plastic brace holds your toe in position to stretch out tight tendons and toe muscles
  • Help restore the natural alignment of the foot and provides correction
  • Relieve bunion pain and straighten toe bunion by using comfortable hinged splint at home and during sleeping time,using soft and smooth bunion cushion in shoe or barefoot during daily activity and doing specific exercises to strengthen the related muscles.
  • Double-layer tape foot central arch state stable. Fill the hinge clips to protect the organization to protect pain, relieve stress.
Correcting the alignment of your big toe to reduce the likelihood of having to undergo bunion surgery shouldn't mean not being able to complete daily tasks with ease. The Bunion Splint provides the gentle correction needed to improve alignment without making it hard for you to walk. In fact, the cushioning provided by the splint eases pain and discomfort, so you'll likely find it easier to get around whenever you're wearing it. Universally sized, the Bunion Splint fits most people and can be worn on the right or left foot. Two adjustable straps that cross the top of the foot and the big toe make adjusting the fit easy. The flexible joint lets your toe stay mobile while still keeping it perfectly in line.