Auto Retractable Dog Leash Pet Traction Rope Training Lead Leash SP

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  • The selected nylon rope is durable and not easy to break.

  • The comfortable grip design conforms to the comfortable grip design of the human hand.

  • Our telescopic belts can be operated with one hand, and the smooth and simple one-button locking system ensures that the belt length can be adjusted as required.

  • Freedom, the length can be extended to 3M/5M to give the dog a large range of activities, but don't pull it all out.

  • Convenient, you can change the length of the rope at any time for easy operation.

  • Humanization, the free retractable design of the automatic tractor is more humane.

  • Safe, with the retracting function of the automatic tractor, you can retract in time to pull the dog back to you.

  • Controllable, you can control the distance the dog is around you at any time, both near and far.


Material: ABS

Color: blue

Size: 3 M/118 inch ,5 M/197 inch

Weight: 3 M (120 g/0.3 lb)

             5 M (190 g/0.4 lb)