Bath Pillow with Suction Cup PU Sponge Waterproof Comfortable SP

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Colour: White

Material: PU sponge foam



Filling material: sponge


  • Won't Slip:

 There are 7 extra large and strong suction cups keeping firmly fixed to the surface of your bathtub.Please dry the surface of the tub before you put the pillow.Then wet the suction cups,and while doing pressure with your thumbs on the each suction cup to ensure them work better! With this bathtub pillow, you would enjoy the bathing time to the fullest! Even fall asleep!

  • Use on smooth tub surfaces:

This product is not intended for textured, non-smooth or tiled surfaces, as all suction cups require a smooth surface to work properly. For best results and to help your pillow strongly adhere to the tub, press the suction cups on any smooth surface and align the pillow to the height of your head and shoulders.

  • Easy to clean:

Our pillow is easy to clean. Simply wipe with a clean cloth and let air dry. Please note, for a deeper clean, each suction cup can be removed from your pillow allowing you to fully clean the area. To remove suctions, gently loosen each suction cup one by one from the tub surface with your finger to prevent tearing.

  • The most wonderful gift: 

Whether for mother to daughter or anyone in between, be responsible for your loved one getting some real relaxation time in. Give the most comfortable bath pillow for anything from birthdays to bridal parties.