CDC Vaccination Card Protector 4 X 3 Inches Waterproof Soft Card

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Durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material has abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Waterproof, sealable transparent card bag made of flexible material, resealable zipper to ensure safe drying of items, thick, sturdy plastic sleeve with curved edges, light texture on the back, clear front window, which can ensure your healthy documents Or precious collection cards are not damaged;


Dual-purpose hanging slot/hole design, the middle slot is used for lanyard, keychain, or telescopic carabiner reel, and the holes on both sides are used for rope/strap/rope/line respectively. Strong and soft plastic material. The badge holder will not leave marks and will not be folded many times. Hanging slots/holes will not break and deform many times;


Multi-purpose badge holder-for conferences, senior centers, parties, festivals, retreats, family and school gatherings, store labels;



【Type】: Card sleeve

【Size】:4*3*0.05 inch



Products include

1x Single card holder