children's safety lock baby anti pinch cabinet cabinet lock buckle SP

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1. The design of children's safety cabinet lock is designed to prevent your child from opening cabinets, drawers, doors, windows, refrigerator, oven, toilet seat cover, garbage can, refrigerator, closet, microwave oven, washing machine, and other household items that may bring risks to children.
2. Safety and environmental protection materials: cabinet lock is made of non-toxic ABS + TPE material, safe and harmless. You can reuse locks on other household items.
3. Adults can easily open the cabinet lock with one hand, while it is difficult for children to open it.
4. The length of the plastic strap can be adjusted from 4 inches to 22.3 * 4.8cm to meet your needs. It can also be used to smooth surfaces and corners
5. [child lock] cabinet lock can be installed without drill, tool, or screw. This paper board and hairdryer can be easily removed. More importantly, it doesn't leave a mark on the furniture
Baby safety lock
Material: environmental protection ABS + PE + POM
Size: 22.3 * 4.8cm

Features: double button switch, 360 ° rotation
Product application: refrigerator, drawer, wardrobe, toilet, microwave oven, and other furniture
Product function: to prevent the baby or pet from accidentally turning over the drawer and causing accidental injury.