Deep Tissue Massage Saver Massager Green Thumb Protector Tools SP

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  • Brand New and high Quality
  • Made of a superior ABS material with a natural grip for fingers and thumb.
  • Effective for unlocking and releasing neck and back tensions and trigger point relief.
  • Snug fit - allows for deep penetrating massage without any thumb strain.
  • Washable - May be used with even oil or cream as an easy gliding tool.
  • Fully depictive gripping Instructions provided for Effective Massage techniques
  • A new deep tissue massage tool.
  • Easily used with oil or cream, simply wash clean after use
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and over-use injuries in practitioners' hands.
  • The contoured hand grip encourages neutral wrist positions while working.
  • Extends the careers of massage therapists by avoiding direct use of the thumb and uneven;
  • Easily washed with soap and water.

Package Include:

  • 1PC  Massager