Dog Paw Cleaner Portable Pet Foot Washing and Claw Washing Tool SP

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  • High-quality and practical pet claw brush

This is a pet paw cup specially designed for cleaning pet dog paws. It is equipped with soft silicone hair, which can easily and conveniently clean the dirt, sand, mud, etc. on your dog's legs, so that the dog's paws are kept clean and tidy. It is a practical household dog cleaning product.

  • Scientific and environmentally friendly claw brush cup

Suitable for medium and large dogs. Claw cleanser is friendly to the skin, soft and comfortable. The needle-shaped silicon columns distributed in the claw cleaner can clean dirt 360°. This is a very scientific dog foot cleaning brush cup.

  • Easy to use and clean

The portable dog paw cleaner cup is ergonomically designed, lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, and can quickly clean the mud of dog paws. The dog cleaning brush cup adopts a split design, which is easy to disassemble and clean.

  • Stylish and portable

The pet use dog paw washing machine to brush the cup has a stylish and modern appearance, which can attract the dog's attention and enjoy the time to clean the legs. The pet foot washing cup is very convenient to carry and store, which can well meet the cleaning needs at home or when going out.

  • Value Pet Grooming Cleaning Kit

This dog paw cleaner cup set includes a dog paw cleaner cup, bath brush and towel, which can meet your pet's cleaning needs. The pet grooming foot washing machine allows you to easily clean your dog's paws. Dry your pet's feet and body with a soft towel to prevent the pet from getting cold or walking on wet floors and blankets. It is super economical and practical.


Material: Silicone

Color: blue


S: 9.1x9.1x11.7cm/3.6*3.6*4.6 inch

M: 10x10x15.3cm/3.9*3.9*6.0 inch

L: 11.7x11.7x23cm/4.6*4.6*9.1 inch


S 189 g/0.4 lb

M 295 g/0.7 lb

L 440 g/1 lb