Double Floating Bed Inflatable for Adults Portable Water Hammock SP

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  • 4-in-1 multi-purpose inflatable hammock

1. Water hammock, 2. Leisure beach chair, 3. Pool lounge, 4. Lounge hammock. Perfect for swimming pool, beach, ocean, lake, river, outdoor, birthday party, pool party pampering, or as a gift. You can use the adult pool buoy as a hammock, hammock chair, floater, or saddle. Lie on it, relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and the coolness of the water.

  • High quality and special design

The recliner is made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC and nylon mesh material, which is harmless to the skin. The bottom of our floating bed recliners is designed with a net shape to keep you cool in the swimming pool. The headrest and footrest provide sufficient support and sufficient comfort. The ergonomic headrest cushion can gently support your head to increase comfort.

  • Easy to use

The durable inflatable water recliner allows you to inflate easily; through the mouth or air pump, you can control the firmness or softness you want and achieve the right amount of buoyancy. Lie on it, relax, enjoy the surrounding scenery, and the coolness of the water. The inflatable hammock lounge allows you to float on the water, just like sleeping in a hammock, soft and comfortable, even if you are not good at swimming, you can play in the water game.


Material: environmentally friendly PVC

Size: 130*132 cm/51*52 inch

Color: dark blue

Weight: 450 g/1 lb