Electric Heating Pad for Heated Blanket Large Flannel Fleece Blanket

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Stay Comfy:

The ingenious ultra-soft Crystal Velvet is soft and comfortable, ensuring excellent warmth and texture, ideal for relaxing sore muscles and joints.

Machine  Washable:

The Electric Heating Pad is machine washable and dryer safe after the controller is detachable. Just take off the heating controller and machine wash the Pad.

Flexible & Versatile:

6 feet long power cable allows the Electric Heating Pad to be used flexibly and in larger rooms. Can also be used as a normal blanket by simply detaching the controller.

10Heating Levels :

This electric heated blanket can adjust the temperature arbitrarily. It has a controller with10 heating Settings. You can adjust the temperature to the right temperature, bringing you a better temperature experience.


Rated voltage: 110-240V

Power: 160W

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Size: 11.8*23.6*23.6 inches

Length of Cable: 6.6 ft

Color: grey

Gear: 10

Heating temperature: 30-70℃

Material: Soft Crystal Velvet

Package included:

1x Electric Heating Pad

1x power cable