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Lavender Hard Wax Beans Full Body Hair Removal at Home for Women Men

Lavender Hard Wax Beans Full Body Hair Removal at Home for Women Men

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  • Wax Beans for Hair Removal: Hard wax beans are designed for full body use, perfect for coarse areas and large areas like bikini area, armpit, legs, arms, and back waxing. Particularly effective in the bikini area. More suitable for small area hair removal. 

  • Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal, Perfect & Long Lasting Result: Wax beans hair removal firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects. 

  • Hard Wax Beans for Hair Removal: Make you enjoy flawless hair removal at home, no more expensive Waxing Salon visits! Achieve smooth and hairless skin in minutes with less discomfort. Get rid of the embarrassment of cracking or fast drying upon removal! Our hair removal wax beads are the perfect refill for any wax warmer.


     [Neature Wax Beans] 

     A new generation of Wax Beans gently removes hair, made with natural ingredients, designed to remove stubborn and rough hair.

     These hard wax beans minimize discomfort and protect you from subsequent irritation.

     They are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to remove hair. 

     [Comfortable Use] 

     This wax bean is designed for whole body use.

     Excellent grip on strong hairs & fine hairs

     Suitable for all areas of the body, including face/arms/armpits/legs/eyebrows/bikini area.

     [Economical and Practical]

     This high-grade depilatory hard wax bean is a perfect choice.

     Allowing you to get the same effect as a salon in the comfort of your home, thereby protecting your privacy from being exposed in front of strangers.

     Save time and money.

     [Easy Operation]

     Just melt the wax beads to working temperature, and then stir the wax with a spatula. 

     Then apply a thin layer of wax along the hair growth direction on the area to be depilated, wait for the depilatory wax to solidify, and stick and tear it off against the hair growth direction.


     Without cellophane.


     Item Type: Hard Wax Beans

     Net Weight: About 500g

     Type: Lavender

     Color: Purple

Package Includes:

     1 x Pack of 500g Hard Wax Beans

How To Use:

     1. Put the appropriate amount of dehairing wax beans into the heater tank and turn on the heating switch.

     2. Heat to melt and take out. When the temperature is suitable, take out the wax adjusting rod for use.

     3. Use the essence of nursing before evenly smearing on the skin, gently massage until absorption. The essence has a disinfection effect, with the fragrance of tea tree, can deodorize, and remove cosmetics and skin surface grease.

     4. Keep the skin clean and dry, take the appropriate amount of depilatory wax with a depilatory stick, stick the edge of the depilatory stick to the skin, and apply a thin and uniform layer of depilatory wax along the direction of the hair. Wait for the depilation wax to solidify and stick tightly, tighten the skin of the depilation part, and quickly tear it off against the direction of hair growth, and the hair will be pulled out together with the depilation wax.

     5. Use the essence of nursing to remove the residual wax on the skin. L lavender essential oil has a sedative effect. Then use the essence cream after the nursing to wash away the essence.

     6. This product is made of environment-triendly and high-quality materials. If it is not used up, it does not need to be poured out. It can wait for the product to cool down and reheat if it needs to be used next time.


     1. Test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure your skin is not overly sensitive to the wax.

     2. Test the wax temperature on the waist before applying.

     3. Do not apply wax over cuts, burns, or wounds.

     4. Do not use water or alcohol to clean up the residual wax over the skin after hair removal.

     5. Soothe your skin with an aloe lotion to calm redness and irritation after the waxing session.

     6. If you are on medication that affects skin or have a skin-related disorder, consult a doctor before use.

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