Magnetic & Soft Insole

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  • Easy to clean, comfortable to wear.

  • Having deodorizing effect.

  • Easy and convenient to match your shoes.

  • Can reduce the foot damage due to vibration.

  • Applicable to all kinds of sports shoes, such as baseball, softball, running, climbing, golf, basketball, hiking, riding, etc.

  • Effectively support the arch and relieve the pressure of the arch area, to ease the arch of the foot fatigue and pain.

  • Comfort and ventilation holes the arch pressure relief strengthen the drag brace force.


Model 1: White Magnetic Insole

Color: White 

Size: Length: 25-27cm

Can be tailored according to the length of the foot

Many massage points effectively massage the feet

Magnetic massage for the feet can promote blood circulation

Reduce muscle pain and pain, relieve stress

Prevent aging, strengthen health and resist ill

Model 2: Yellow Soft insole

Color: Grey-yellow

Material: Memory cotton

Our Size: total length of L is 29cm

Can be tailored according to the length of the foot


If the magnetic beads on the magnetic insole are dropped, it is normal and can be installed and used without affecting the normal use effect.


1 Pair Magnetic Insole + 1 Pair Soft Insole