Men Compression Shirt

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Aptoco undershirts are made from the highest quality, and most comfortable Nylon and Spandex available. When wearing our compression shirts, one’s upper chest will be flattened to reveal a chest slimming effect when wearing any type of clothing. No one will notice you wearing our undershirts.

  • Expedite Calorie Burning When Workout
  • Heat up your core body area and then burn excess calories in your body by retaining body heat
  • Help your body to burn and sweat out harmful fats, maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

Porous gauze fabrics is extremely breathable, heat absorbing and sweat releasing, soft to skin as well

X-Shape Compression: “X” shape back design,tighten the scapula muscles.

Super elastic: made of multi layers of high quality nylon & spandex fabric

How to Put Shirt On: Aptoco men compression shirts are made very tight and need to be put differently. Step into the shirt, like a pair of pants, and bring it up over your waist.