Multifunctional Intelligent Dental Scaler Ultrasonic dental scaler SP

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  • Ultrasonic technology dental calculus remover

Dental calculus cleaner uses ultrasonic technology, high frequency vibration, effortlessly loosens and crushes all stubborn tartar, removes smoke stains, coffee stains and hard dental plaque.

  • Safe care of gums

Only when the cleaning head touches teeth or hard objects, the dental calculus remover will be activated. When it touches the gums, it will stop vibrating without damaging the gums.

  • 5 adjustable cleaning modes

Tartar remover with 5 different vibration modes, suitable for different gums and different dental stains. It is very suitable for the elderly and children (over 14 years old).

  • Professional tooth cleaning kit

The tooth cleaner is equipped with 3 stainless steel replacement heads, which can clean the surfaces and gaps between the teeth. Built-in LED lights on dental mirrors and electric tooth cleaners help to concentrate stains.

  • Can be carried with you

Compared with dentists, our plaque remover is a low-cost solution for your oral health. It can be easily accessed when you are on business or vacation, or even in the bathroom.


Material: ABS/304 stainless steel

Maximum power: 1.5W

Power supply mode: USB

Electric toothbrush type: sonic

color: White

Weight: 500 g/1.1 lb

Battery capacity: 600mAh

Frequency: 7KHZ+/-3KHZ

Products include:

1 x host

3 x working heads

1 x wrench

1 x brush head

1 x charging cable

1 x mouth mirror

20 x dental floss

1 x manual

1 x packing box