Nail extension gel set suitable for nail salons professional nail SP

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fake nails are very suitable for nail salons and professional nail experts; moreover, it also provides beautiful nail art tips for nail learners or beginners, allowing them to do nail art at home. Charming and suitable for a variety of occasions: for you to choose and match different occasions, such as parties, weddings, role-playing, masquerade, Halloween or Christmas, ballerinas, offices, etc., for your wife, girlfriend, mother or Sister’s gift is amazing.


Category: Extending Glue

Features: free paper support extension glue

Ingredients: resin

Shelf life: 18 months

Weight: 241g (0.5 lb)

Texture: sticky gum

Specification: 15ml

Purpose: Nail Art

Applicable lamp: LED or UV lamp

Steps for usage

1. Trim and polish nails.

2, Coat a thin layer of primer, and light it to dry.

3. Apply an appropriate amount of extension glue on the nail mold.

4. Use smooth fluid and brush to spread the extender evenly.

5. Make the nail mold fit perfectly with your real nails.

6. Fix for 1-2 minutes under LED or UV light.

7. Remove the nail mold.

8. Trim the nail shape and polish the nail.

9. Coat a layer of sealing layer, and light it to dry.