Ozone Air Purifier Purifier Ioniser Cleaner Smoker Bacteria Remover SP

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Package incude:

1 * Air Purifier


Model:Air Purifier

Input: 5V-1A

Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion Battery

Ozone output:100mg/h

Effective area:≤50㎡



1. Purify and deodorize clothes, towels, rags, socks and so on in home,kitchen,bedroom

2. Ozone has strong oxidative decomposition ability, which can quickly and completely eliminate odor.

3. Useful for small spaces such as toilet, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, office, car and meeting room.

4. The ozone generator can output 100mg/h of ozone to effectively remove smoke or dust from car and room.

5. The portable and compact air purifier can reduce odor in the air and remove the smell of pets.