Rug Gripper Double Sided Anti Curling Non Slip Washable Rug Tape SP

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  • Triangle clip design and long-lasting adhesive

The upgraded triangular design carpet clip can fit the corners of the carpet more effectively. A larger contact surface can provide more effective adhesion and excellent carpet non-slip grip. The more discs used, the better the effect of fixing the carpet on the floor.

  • Prevent curling and sliding

Using advanced anti-slip and anti-curling technology design, it can fix the carpet in place, avoid accidental slipping, and appropriately solve the annoying problems of the carpet, such as curling, sliding, folding and pet movement.

  • Removable and no residue

The high-quality double-sided tape will not damage the floor and carpet when used, and will not leave any traces when removed. No need to worry about the residue of the paste.

  • Easy installation

Remove the adhesive and stick the disc to the bottom of the carpet to be fixed. Then remove the film covering the silicone surface and press the carpet firmly on the floor.

  • Widely applicable

The carpet gripper is suitable for all types of floors: tile, hardwood, laminate, marble, concrete, rubber, etc. In addition, the upgraded carpet gripper prevents the carpet from curling and sliding, keeping the carpet flat forever.


Material: polymer PU (polyurethane)

Colour: Black

Shape: black

Thickness: 2 mm(0.08 inch)