Snowboard Goggles Protection Snowboard Eyewear Anti-fog Glasses SP

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Why Choose Snowboard Goggles?

snowboard goggles are designed for teenager to adult men and women with its superior anti-fog coating and UV protection treatment and there are more:

Double Layer Detachable Lens:

the outer lens comes with solid impact-resistance for its unique intensive technology. The top vent holes enhance the air-flow and reduce fogging when skiing or snowboarding on the slope. High performance for optical clarity more fun all the way down the mountain.

The strap is detachable on tight-fit and smooth remove/install.


Please DO keep the ski goggle in the pouch or box when not using it.

Please DO air-dry the ski goggles after every snow sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding and etc.

Please DO adjust the strap and keep the snowboard goggles tight on your head before hit the slope.

Please DO check if the snow goggles fit your helmet properly and stay in place with no gaps on the top frame.

Please DO reverse the fiber bag to wipe and clear the outer lens.

Please DO NOT touch, wipe and clean the lens with tough items to avoid scratches.

Please DO NOT use mascara or other oily substance in case the lens gets dirty.

Please DO NOT wipe the inner lens which will invalidate anti-fog function.