Turkish Beach Towel Cotton Stripe Easy Dry Bath Light Weight Absorbent

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Fabric: cotton blended

Material: cotton

Size: 70.8 * 39.4 in

Weight: 370 g

Color: blue, gray


  • Strong water absorption

Compared with the traditional pure cotton towel, the towel has strong water absorption, and it dries quickly, making it very suitable for use on the beach or other humid environments. It is easy to wash and dry during travel, which helps to save time and energy, and it is not easy to produce damp smell.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The towel has a large volume, but is light and thin, can be folded, is convenient to carry and store, and maximizes the space of luggage or closet. Suitable for many scenes, bathroom, beach, yoga, spa, gym, swimming pool, tourism, camping, picnic, outdoor, bathroom and sauna are necessary.

  • High-quality cotton material

Cotton towels are woven using traditional looms, using the highest quality cotton fibers. It is soft and breathable, strong and durable, and its delicate texture gives you comfortable care.

  • Fashion tassel design

The broad stripes are simple and refreshing, convenient, beautiful and practical. The needle thread is even, the workmanship is tight, it is not easy to fade, and it is not easy to shed hair.

  • The perfect multi-purpose gift

In addition to being used as beach towels and bath towels, it can also be used as a billiard blanket or sofa blanket. It can also be used as a yoga blanket, hair towel, shawl, sun hat, beach accessories, etc. It is a must-have item after bathing or showering. The best gift for a beach trip.

Package includes:

1 * Beach towel