Waist Trainer Vest

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SLIM WAIST--Aptoco waist trainer vest tighten your waist,which can make you sweat lot inside and keep dry outside.It increases body heat and helps to trim and enhance your dreamed shape. Take Aptoco vest to gym training, exercise, running or yoga, get healthy weight loss.

SWEAT CRAZY--Aptoco waist trainer vest helps you eliminate toxins, speed-up the calorie burning process, and keeps your muscles warm and supported, preventing post-workout fatigue and injuries.It will ramp up perspiration to shed excess weight.

POSTPARTUM RECOVERY--- Aptoco waist trainer vest with underbust design provide extra support to lift up breast, zipper closure is easy for you to put it on. Aptoco vest is snug fit without restricting, tuck tummy away and tighten abdomen, as well as maximize your comfort.

FLATTEN ADBOMEN-The ideal compression of Aptoco vest helps to minimize trouble areas, flatten your adbomen and provide an effective waist toning effect. It trains your waist to smaller size and offers light support on lower back, provide additional lumber support and correct your posture.

U-TYPE ANTI-PENDULOUS BREAST DESIGN—Aptoco vest helps to push up breasts. Effective firm control of armpits & back flabby fat. U-shaped lifts the breast while keeping it in a state of holding up to prevent sagging breasts, which gives you a slimmer and cleaner look.

Aptoco waist trainer vest benefits for removing toxins inside the body, increasing sweating while working out, removing excess upper/lower back fat, flattening your stomach, maximizing calorie burn, accelerating weight loss, losing inches off of your waist, boosting thermal activity and gently lifting underbust, making you sweat a lot, which is great for detoxifying,enhancing workout during cardio weight lifting running and Walking and Shape your perfect curves.

Aptoco Waist Trainer Vest Creates A Hourglass Body

This waist trianer vests can increase body heat which helps you trim your body, removing excess sweat / water weight during exercise, while the light-weight material prevents heat stroke. Designed for fitness alongside your collection of workout equipment and give you a hourglass body in the end. Perfect curve design Helps to provide you the best support to abdomen and Lower back, making it the perfect body shaper and avoiding hard trainning wihout a proper core muscle protection.

SWEAT 3 TIMES MORE THAN USUAL: Sweat Vest Helping you eliminate toxins, speed-up the calorie burning process, and keeping your muscles warm and supported, preventing post-workout fatigue and injuries.

Workout or Fitness

Make any activities or workout. Whether you're running or doing gym, neoprene shapewear is the best fitness equipment and perfect for all kinds of workout in the gym and outdoor.Corset Shirt looks great and matches with any combination of workout tops or can even be worn under everyday clothes.You can wear this Sport t-shirt shapewear on any season

Postpartum Repair

It's a good body shaper for postpartum recovery. Neoprene material helps sweating more to burn off fat and toxin quickly, flatten abdomen, firm tummy and love handles, compression help correct posture, leading to a better and quick postpartum body shape repair

Casual Wearing

In addition to wearing doing sports, you can wear it at home while performing daily tasks, also this sweat vest can work as a casual shirt. It can be worn under a common shirt