White Single Ankle Joint Fixation Brace Prevent Acute Ankle Sprain

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1. Breathable perforated fabric: perforated and breathable velvet fabric, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly and not stuffy

2. Reinforced pull strap buckle: easy to adjust, convenient to wear, safe and reinforced, long-lasting durability

3. Adjustable correction straps: prevent secondary injury, reduce pressure on the heel, and protect the Achilles tendon

4. Removable sole pad: Use comfortable and lightweight material to support the soles of the feet and increase the comfort of the soles

Product parameter

Size:      S/M size  (suitable for 33-41 size)

             L/XL size  (suitable for 42-47 sizes )

How to use: Open all the buckles of the fixed bracket, put the brace on the limbs and then connect and fix the buckles with the buckles. Adjust the buckles to feel comfortable.


The scope of products

1. Achilles fasciitis and heel fasciitis, plantar heel meningitis

2. Gastrocnemius spasm (runner spasm) and pronation syndrome

3. Acute ankle sprain, fracture and postoperative convalescence

3. Reduce joint strain

5. Improve foot microcirculation

6.Prevent the ankle joint from varus and valgus, fix the ankle