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  • If you're adverse to exercising, why not use a gym ball as an office chair? Yep, even sitting on a gym ball whilst working at your desk will challenge your core to improve your strength, balance and posture. Our inflatable gym balls are also great for physiotherapy and can be used as a birthing ball.

  • Kick start your healthier pregnancy today with the BABYGO birthing ball! Research by the leading experts continues to find the unbelievable benefits for you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Because our gym balls are inflatable and round, they're unstable to sit, lie or lean on. As a result, they constantly engage your core as your muscles work overtime to help you maintain your balance. As well as improving your core strength and balance, they're perfect for developing your posture and flexibility.

  • Our inflatable gym balls are made from thick anti-burst PVC for superior durability under pressure. Instead of bursting when punctured, they're designed to slowly deflate. Anti-slip lines around the perimeter of the gym balls provide superior grip to prevent them slipping under your weight when you're working out.

  • Gym balls are an extremely versatile fitness aid which can be easily incorporated into everyday exercises to challenge your core whilst targeting a range of muscle groups. Because you can sit, lie and lean on them, they're great for crunches, bridges, dumbbell exercises, yoga postures, Pilates and more.



Develop Core Strength Balance

  • Build your core and improve your posture with the Core Balance Anti-Burst Gym Ball. Because it's round and inflatable, it's unstable to sit, lie or lean on. This constantly engages your core as your muscles work overtime to keep you balanced and prevent you rolling off the sides.

Durable Anti-Burst Design

  • The inflatable gym ball is made from extra-thick, anti-burst PVC material for ultimate durability under pressure. Should the gym ball get punctured, it will slowly deflate rather than popping.

Anti-Slip For Greater Balance

  • The gym ball has anti-slip lines running around its perimeter for superior grip. This helps to prevent it slipping and rolling under your weight for ultimate confidence when you're working out.

Versatile Fitness Aid

  • Because you can sit, lie and lean on the gym ball, it's perfect for challenging your core whilst performing crunches, bridges and other exercises. You can also sit or lie on it when doing dumbbell exercises or use it as a prop to take yoga postures to a whole new level.

Get Fit Whilst You Sit

  • Even sitting on a gym ball engages your core which is why many people use gym balls as office chairs. If you plan on using your gym ball as a chair, we recommend buying a gym ball one size larger than you would for typical exercise. Scroll down to our size guide for details.

Includes Pump & Plug

  • The inflatable gym ball includes a hand pump and a tape measure to easily inflate to the correct capacity. A spare stopper plug and a tool to easily remove the plug are also included.

Package Includes

  • 1x 65cm Yoga ball
  • 1x Pump & Plug