Why Wear A Posture Corrector

Why would you consider wearing a posture corrector?

It’s a good question… Reading books, working on computers, phones... all these make our posture not nice and hard to keep good posture whole day...

What Are The Risks of Poor Postures?

  • Back pain hurts after work?
  • Looks shorter than you really are?
  • Physically:People with less vulnerability to body pain, especially younger people, will not relate well to that kind of story. They may be inclined to underestimate the severity of the pain, dismiss the timing as a coincidence, or to call it a problem with vulnerability rather than a postural problem. (And they may be right! More on this soon.) But it’s quite real for a great many people, especially older ones.
  • Emotionally:

How To Keep Good Posture - Improving By Force of Will?

Trying to force yourself to earnestly sit or stand up straight is so ineffective and pointless that I wouldn’t even bring it up, except that … it’s actually the default approach. This is what most people do.

When people decide that they “really need to work on their posture,” they usually don’t have any clear idea what they intend to do. Most people who worry about their posture go through episodes of trying — in no particular way, just mentally straining until their discipline fades. And Can You Force Your Will 24 Hours A Day??

Actually the Posture Corrector Helps!

What Is a Posture Corrector And What Kind Of Braces Are There?

A posture corrector for women is designed to help you overcome your posture problems by helping you retrain those muscles responsible for keeping your shoulders and back in the right position. Depending on the type you choose, they are made from a variety of materials. These can include spandex, polyurethane, and rubber (stretchable ones) as well as cotton (non-stretchable but more natural).

A Posture Brace  – How Does It Work?

The female version of a posture brace is often a little bit different compared to those for men. Typically,  a good brace comes in a form that supports your body and firmly encourages your muscles into alignment.

Those muscles in the neck, back and shoulders are straightened, slowly strengthening them into straighter posture. Of course, you have to wear your brace regularly and choose the right size (unless you go for a universal one) to benefit.

How often do I need to wear the brace?

Depending on the type of the brace and your issues, the frequency at which you should wear one will differ. For example, for achieving the results, a typical posture brace is best worn between 25 and 35 minutes a day on average.

Of course, you can do that for a bit longer every day – especially if you find it relieves pain. Just keep in mind that the brace is supposed to help retrain your muscle tissue and should be used as a support. They are not a substitute for muscle strength.

Do I need to remove it before going to bed?

You are best to take it off any time you’re going to sleep – unless you were instructed to do so by a professional. Your final decision will depend on how much correction your posture needs and whether you need extra support.

Many people do actually sleep with their brace on. Usually, when it comes to posture, you can see great results in as little as a couple of weeks and up to about 2 to 3 months depending. The outcome will slightly differ depending on your condition.

Another important feature of some posture correctors for women with large breasts is to balance the weight of breasts and to help support shoulder muscles which can become strained.

This is important, because some women, especially those with large breasts, can suffer from debilitating chronic back pain due to larger breast size. Although wearing one may not always be the most comfortable thing to do, the tremendous benefits it can give you are well worth it.

The Health Benefits Of Good Posture

There are many benefits of wearing back braces. Some of them are related to your health, while other apply to your self-esteem and mental well-being.

Prevents spinal pressure

Wearing a firm supportive brace prevents slouching which puts a lot of pressure on your neck, shoulders and spine. Every inch your head juts forward puts more strain on your spine. So it’s worth getting your head back into optimal position even a little bit. By preventing slouching, a good back brace helps you ease your back and neck pain.

Be proactive in your physical posture

If you wear your posture brace frequently to correct current postural issues, over an extended period of time, it can help you prevent future health problems. The earlier you start, the better.

Of course, it’s best to mindful how you sit, stand and move from the beginning. If you have a job which  requires you to sit for long hours, you may like to consider an ergonomic kneeling chair….

If you start correcting your posture problems in your 20s, it will be much easier as you get older, but you shouldn’t give up just because you aren’t as young anymore. The best time to get yourself a posture corrective brace is now.

Healthy Spine: Healthy Body

Keep in mind the condition of your spine has a lot of influence on the rest of your body, including your legs, arms, and even digestive system. Correcting it using a professional brace can have a very positive influence on the functioning of internal organs.  By relieving the pressure from your nervous system, even your knees and joints will feel more flexible once you correct your posture.

Take a deep breath…stretch those lungs

Good posture means more space for your lungs. This means more oxygen can get to your body and, as a result, all those vital organs.

By delivering more oxygen to your brain, you will think more clearly, make good decisions, feel rested and will have a lot more energy. You can read more on the effect of posture on your lungs here

Display a confident message to the world

By wearing a posture corrective brace, you realign your shoulders, which gives your breasts a better shape and your overall posture a confident, healthier and aligned look compared to women who round their shoulders.

By strengthening the muscles, you can prevent many injuries as your body becomes stronger and you train those muscles into automatic great posture.

Wearing A Posture Brace Is Not Only About Physical Health

Over time, as you wear your brace, you build positive, strong and healthy physical habits, which shapes not only your body but trains your brain. Especially in the beginning, wearing a corrective brace is not the most comfortable thing to do. And for many women, it’s very hard to get used to it, it’s a great way to strengthen your willpower. And the reward is worthwhile.

Improve self esteem…

Good posture not only offers physical health benefits – it also significantly improves your self-esteem and the way other people look at you. Women with lovely posture, exude style and charisma, walk tall and appear more confident. They are perceived as smarter and more competent in comparison to women who slouch.

This, together with less pain and increased welllbeing, is one of the best confidence-boosters you can reward yourself with. You will discover with the support of such a simple device, you can make many positive changes to your life. All it takes on your part,  is a little bit of patience for the positive results to kick in.

How To Choose A Best Fit Posture?

For Men, a good posture corrector can help

aptoco men posture corrector

For Women, a lighter one is more fit, as normally you want to wear it under your shirts, and let it protect you gently.  

aptoco women posture corrector

For Teenage, coming soon