How to Protect Your Knees

How to Protect Your Knees


There are so many methods to protect your knees, here attached 6 ways to maintain healthy knees.

Pick knee-friendly sports. Rowing, cross-country skiing, and cycling are knee-friendly activities because they are low impact and don't encourage twisting.


Put ice on it. Don't ignore a tweak or strain, no matter what sport you take up. This is a simple way to reduce inflammation and pain.


Avert rotation of hips and knees. Jumping and slowing down from a run—common to many exercises—seem to be particularly bad for the knee's ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Land with joints aligned so that hips are over knees, knees are over ankles, and ankles are over toes—but with some give to the joints. Young female athletes who play sports like soccer and basketball tend to injure their ACL five to eight times as often as young male athletes.


Be careful when up and down stairs. Running in hilly terrain can put particular strain on tendons in the knees. Pay attention to clues that your knees need a rest—or at least a flatter course.


Cross-train. Overuse is the slow and steady way to knee injuries. Opt for a range of varied activities by alternating workouts. If you run, for example, alternate with cycling to use different muscle groups.


Knee Brace.Anyone who loves running, walking, hiking, workouts and the same intensity level activities knew that a Knee brace is an essential keeping the knees from potential injury during these activities.

While it also alleviates strain and reduces the pain, it is required that the gear needs to be ideal for all-day wear.

Aptoco knee brace creates gears presenting athletes and non-athlete with the utmost sense of comfort, all while providing pain relief and healing through targeted support and compression.

  • Helping spread pressure uniformly across the patellar tendon as it is particularly meant to conform to the shape of the knee
  • All thanks to the meticulously designed High-quality Neoprene featured with Hexagonal venting holes, it is swift in absorbing sweat!
  • Designed to suit users of all sizes and shapes, the knee strap stretches up to 18 inches for a stable, yet comfortable hold.
  • Protect Your Patella. Prevent damage and reduces knee pain especially during intense activities such as tennis, soccer, squat, and other extreme sports.
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